Cydia Updates - via Packages updates Themes (SpringBoard): ALiVE Yell0W 1.0 ALiVE yellow version complete package. Themes (Addons): iBlackuos Blazon Screen 1.0 Never miss the darkness of iBlackuos not even for a second. Tweaks: DetailedBatteryUsage 1.0 unlock hidden battery usage menu Utilities: StatisticsExplorer 0.0.1-8 Simple ADDataStore database access Tweaks: Netflix++ - Trailers and More 1.1-1 Netflix trailers and more Tweaks: PullToRespring 0.0.1-35 Pull down in Settings to respring Tweaks: Unlimited Itunes Radio Skips 8 1.0-2 unlimited track skips in iTunes Radio Wallpaper: PanGu Wallpaper iosDevil2Die Style Pack2 1.0 PanGu Wallpaper iosDevil2Die Style Pack2. Wallpaper: PanGu Wallpaper iosDevil2Die Style 1.0 PanGu Wallpaper iosDevil2Die Style. Tweaks: UntetheredHeySiri 1.0 use "Hey, Siri" while untethered. Localization: Persian Language for iOS8 1.0 iOS 8 Persian Localization for persian users! Tweaks: AutoTouch for iOS 8 3.0.0 record and playback touch operations Tweaks: Air Traffic Control 1.1-1 Disables Airplane Mode alerts when launching applications. Tweaks: CroppingScreen 1.0-1 Crop only a portion of a screenshot. Themes (Lockscreen): Pink Floyd Sliders 1.0 Pink Floyd Sliders Themes (SpringBoard): PanGu Wallpapers 1.0 PanGu Wallpapers Themes (System): EKG Signal (bars) 1.0 EKG Signal (bars) Tweaks: PreThree 1.0 Retina HD icons for yet to be updated apps Tweaks: WebsiteDataABC 0.0.1-37 sort browser cache list alphabetically Tweaks: CalcBase 0.0.1-1 swipe to change base in Calculator Addons (Zeppelin): zeppelin pokemon energy 1.0 zeppelin pokemon energy Themes (SpringBoard): iPhonoWallpapers8 - iPhone5-5S-5C 1.1 iPhonoWallpapers8 - iPhone5-5S-5C Themes (System): ColorSwitches8 1.1 Switch up the colors on your on/off switches! Addons (BootLogo): Apple Bubble Bootlogo i4 Black 1.0 Apple Bubble Bootlogo i4 Black System: Pangu 8.0-8.1.x Untether 0.2 untethered jailbreak based on pangu exploits Tweaks: ForceGoodFit 1.0.2-1 Force apps to fit screen iPhone 6/6 Plus Themes (SpringBoard): Super Smash Bros 3DS Theme 1.0 Super Smash Bros 3DS Winterboard theme by Bendude24. To honor the creation of the newest SSB game I thought, why not create an iPhone Theme for it. There are a lot more icons to be created so I will continue updates. Please leave comments or ways to improve. Thanks!~ Bendude24 Themes (SpringBoard): MIZZOU Theme 1.0 MIZZOU Winterboard theme by bulldogboy12. All Mizzou stuff, nothing else. Hope you enjoy it! Themes (SpringBoard): Halloween Bone Yard Theme 1.0 Halloween Bone Yard Winterboard theme by TMountainHigh. Have a happy but scary Halloween. Themes (LockScreen): City Lockscreens for iOS 8 1.0 City Lockscreens for iOS 8 as well as the iPhone 6. Themes (SpringBoard): Ai0s PurPle 1.0 Ai0s Purple Version, complete package to all Ai0s theme users. Addons (Flipswitch): Reachability (Toggle) Flipswitch 0.0.1-1 Enable/disable Reachability feature. Addons (Flipswitch): Reachability (Action) Flipswitch 0.0.1-1 Toggle Reachability mode. Tweaks: ForceReach 1.0-1 Let Reachability do something more. Tweaks: ReachAll 0.0.2-9 Reachability on all iOS 8 devices. Addons (Flipswitch): DataRoaming Flipswitch 0.0.1-8 toggle Data Roaming function. Development: PrefUp 1.0.0 prefs components: Check-, Combo-, Radio Buttons, and more. Tweaks: PrefDelete 1.1.1 uninstall tweaks from Settings panel Addons: OSLite8 1.0 iOS 8一键清理应用程序产生的缓存与临时文件 Utilities: BackupAZ 1.4 Backup your device with BackupAZ :) Themes (SpringBoard): iPhonoWallpapers8 - iPhone6 Plus 1.1 iPhonoWallpapers8 - iPhone6 Plus Themes (SpringBoard): iPhonoWallpapers8 - iPhone6 1.1 iPhonoWallpapers8 - iPhone6 Themes (SpringBoard): iNatural Theme 1.1 iNatural Theme Addons (BootLogo): Apple Buuble Bootlogo i5 Black 1.0 Apple Buuble Bootlogo i5 Black Addons (BootLogo): Apple Bubble Bootlogo i5 White 1.0 Apple Bubble Bootlogo i5 White Addons (BootLogo): Apple Bubble Bootlogo i4 White 1.0 Apple Bubble Bootlogo i4 White Themes (Lockscreen): Golden LS Weather Slide 1.0 Golden LS Weather Slide for Golden Theme. Themes (Lockscreen): Marihuana slider for ios 7.1.x 7.1.2 Marihuana slider for ios 7.1.x Themes (Addons): Heartless Convergance Theme 1.0 A Convergance theme extension for Heartless Themes (Addons): Heartless BootLogo 1.0 < Heartless BootLogo