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Cydia Updates - via Packages updates Themes (SpringBoard): Lines 1.1 Elegant Lines Theme Themes (System): Celufi 1.1 Celufi replaces the wifi bars on 8/9/10 with the iOS 11 cellular bars. Themes (SpringBoard): Onix 1.2 Onix is clean theme that redefines your iOS experience. Widgets: Calling 1.0 Adds the "current call" view to your lock screen as a widget! Themes (SpringBoard): SquareFade 1.3 An Awesome Additional Theme Package For Masq Themes (SpringBoard): iOS 11 Theme 11.0 iOS 11 theme including three new icons(app store, itunes store, and calculator) and statusbar images Tweaks (SpringBoard): HideDeleteBox 1.0.0 Makes the app delete box invisible! This will make pranksters think that they cannot delete your apps, but you'll still be able to if you need to! Themes (SpringBoard): Aspect For iPad 1.4 Your iDevice with a more colourful aspect Themes (System): Illustrated Resprings 1.0 8 illustrated respring logos Themes (SpringBoard): Linear Glyphs 1.1 Vibrant Colors & Fine Lines Themes (SpringBoard): Aspect 1.6 Your iDevice with a more colourful aspect Themes (SpringBoard): Ace W 2 1.0 Ace W for iOS 9/10 Themes (SpringBoard): Boom Star for WinterBoard 1.1 Feel the explosive beauty of colors in the night :P Themes (SpringBoard): Boom Star 1.1 Feel the explosive beauty of colors in the night :P Themes (SpringBoard): 10n1C GL0W 1.0 10n1c GL0W for iOS9x-iOS10.x Addons (Zeppelin): Verizon iOS 10 Zeppelin 1.0 A Verizon zeppelin theme for no sim card devices or iPod/iPad Addons (Zeppelin): iOS 11 Signal Bars 1.0 iOS 11 signal bars for iOS 10! Themes (SpringBoard): Velour 1.0 Bring back the retro colorscheme to your iDevice using the all-new, beatiful theme by S-SN. Tweaks (SpringBoard): Boxy 3 1.0.1 Fully customize your icon layout! Have you ever run into an issue with space in your SpringBoard or are you just bored with the default layout of icons? Well, Boxy can fix both of those issues. Your icon layout is fully customizable with the variety of options configurable in the settings pane. You can adjust how far each icon is from each edge of the screen and how far each icon is from one another. These combinations can provide some pretty cool layouts. If you aren't the creative type or don't want to be bothered with testing each setting, there are presets available for you to choose from. You can align you icons in the the top half of the screen or the bottom half or even the top corners of the screen. Anything is really possible.Boxy also allows for more space for Dashboard X widgets. You no longer have to compromise with which apps you want on the home page of your SpringBoard, you can now have all of them on the screen plus your favorite widgets! Use it however you like, if you find a use for it that I didn't mention please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know, I love hearing feedback about my tweaks. Boxy is fully compatible with all current devices! Themes (SpringBoard): Sausage 1.0 Flat and Colorful Themes (SpringBoard): NicFlow 1.0 awesome beautiful theme with 300+ icons Themes (SpringBoard): Linear 1.1 Vibrant Colors & Fine Lines Themes (SpringBoard): Kandy 1.0 Newest instalment from me Themes (SpringBoard): AmuSe 10 Lem0n 1.0 AmuSe is very clean and beautiful theme for iOS7 up to 10.xx comes with zeppelin,UI,lot of icons and more add-ons soon. Themes (SpringBoard): 10n1C G0LD 1.0 10n1c for iOS9x-iOS10.x Themes (SpringBoard): ColorT Premium 1.1 Anemone only Themes (SpringBoard): Circool 1.0 Circool is a Cydia Theme consisting of circular designed icons. Tweaks (SpringBoard): ZenX 1.0.0 ZenX - a 'theme tweak'. For iOS 10 Tweaks (SpringBoard): GIFRoll 1.1 Display gifs in the Photos app. Themes (LockScreen): World LandMarks Pack 1.0 World LandMarks Pack - of icons for lockglyph Themes (SpringBoard): Murky for iOS 1.0 Murky for iOS 7/8/9 Themes (SpringBoard): Eleven GM 1.0 I tried to use the new AppStore, iTunes and Calculator icons and the new general design of iOS 11 as a base to redesign iOS icons from scratch. I made some colors improvements and I worked to get a more homogeneous look. Themes (SpringBoard): Round Pixel 1.0 An awesome circle theme Themes (SpringBoard): Ice Apple iOS10 1.0 Redefine your iOS. Widgets: Cube 1.0 iWidget Interactive Cube Themes (SpringBoard): Abbozzo 1.7 ABBOZZO, three variations on the same theme. Themes (SpringBoard): BlackEdition iOS10 1.0 Dark Side come back in your devices. Themes (Springy): Siri 2-in-1 Springy Animation Bundle 1.0 Siri - Idle (iOS 11) and Siri - Listening (iOS 9+) turned into beautiful Springy animations. Applications (Addons): AutoClashBotiOS 3.1.8 AutoClashBotiOS will train troops, search for 'dead' bases to attack and deploy your army including any Clan Castle Troops and heroes. Themes (SpringBoard): Sploosh 1.0 My latest theme Themes (SpringBoard): MelonUI 1.0 Wonderful design in a juice shape! Themes (SpringBoard): Furatto 1.2 A flat, clean theme for Anemone Themes (SpringBoard): Apex Gold Glyphs 1.1 New Era Of Glyphs. Themes (SpringBoard): iOS 11 icon for Cydia 1.0 iOS 11 icon for Cydia is a super basic Winterboard/Anemone theme which simply changes the Cydia icon to fit the new app icon style introduced in iOS 11. Themes (SpringBoard): Symbolism Complete Edition 1.0 Everything has a meaning. Applications: Myriam Security Challenges 1.0 Myriam is an iOS App containing various vulnerabilities for you to discover and exploit. The application offers a few challenges for those of you who wanna become the next iOS hackers. Ranging from In-App Data modification to App Activation Bypass and Jailbreak Detection, to Touch ID Bypass, Myriam combines some great challenges for beginners with a nice intuitive design. Don't get me wrong, I am a beginner myself trying to learn, so this application is what I will be using in the first place, because it is easier to build such an app in Objective-C than to take it to bits in Hopper or IDA :) I hope you'll find it useful! Themes (StatusBar): ZM.StatusBar 1.0 StatusBar for wifi and signal potimized whit iPhone and ipad in version ios 10. Themes (Zeppelin): Zeppelin Run The Jewels 1.0 Work on iPhone and iPad iOS 10.x Themes (Zeppelin): Zeppelin Natu theme 1.0 Adds the Natu Pokemon to Zeppelin Themes (FreeLoader): Destiny Loading Animation 1.0 It's the loading animation from Destiny, for use with the FreeLoader tweak