Cydia Updates - via Packages updates Addons (Zeppelin): Veciphyr's Skyrim Pack (Zeppelin) 1.0-0 Veciphyr's Skyrim Pack (Zeppelin) Themes (Apps): Super Mario Snapchat Theme 1.0 Super Mario Snapchat Theme Themes (SpringBoard): Simple 8 1.0 Simple 8 Themes (Lockscreen): San Antonio Slider iOS 7 1.0 San Antonio Slider iOS 7 Ringtones: K2000 Ringtones 1.0 K2000 Ringtones Themes (Lockscreen): iOS7 Apple Camera Grabber 1.0 iOS7 Apple Camera Grabber Ringtones: Get lucky Ringtones 1.0 Get lucky Ringtones Themes (Apps): Colorful for BetterPowerDown 1.0 Colorful for BetterPowerDown Themes (Apps): An Adventure Time Snapchat Theme 1.0 An Adventure Time Snapchat Theme Themes (Apps): A Batman Snapchat Theme 1.0 A Batman Snapchat Theme Utilities: 微信主题助手 1.0-2 精美的微信主题,包你爱不释手 Tweaks: Timely 1.0-2 A beautiful verbal lockscreen. Themes (Lockscreen): Thundercats Slider 1.0 Thundercats Slider Themes (Apps): Skyrim Snapchat Theme 1.0 Skyrim Snapchat Theme Themes (Lockscreen): Rangers FC Jellylock 1.0 Rangers FC Jellylock Ringtones: Quran Al Nas 1.0 Quran Al Nas for your iPhone ringtone Themes (SpringBoard): Magna 1.0 Magna is a theme that pays attention to simplicity and detail. Themes (SpringBoard): iTiles 1.0 iTiles Themes (System): iOverclock iOS7 1.0 This will bring your underclocked processor to regularclocked status. Themes (SpringBoard): frenchitouch UI Pack 1.0 Frenchitouch UI package! Themes (Lockscreen): Everton Slider 1.0 Everton Slider Themes (Lockscreen): Crescent Slider 1.0 Crescent Slider Themes (Lockscreen): Corinthians Slider iOS 7 1.0 Corinthians Slider iOS 7 Themes (SpringBoard): Colored Dock Pack for ClassicDock 1.0 Colored Dock Pack for ClassicDock Ringtones: Agence tout Risque Ringtones 1.0 Agence tout Risque Ringtones Fonts: A Color Keyboard Font 1.0-1 A Color Keyboard font Description. Themes (SpringBoard): Neon RE A 1.0 This Is A New Version Of The Neon RE Theme. Themes (SpringBoard): Anura 1.0 You old friend is back. Prettier than ever. Addons: Vexplosm 1.0-1 Velox folder for Cyanide & Happiness Tweaks: SwitchSpring 1.0.1 Respring from iOS 7 app switcher Tweaks: StoreAlert 1.0-2 Ask before opening iTunes/App Store Tweaks: Saturn 1.0 subtle fade-in animation for Control Center Tweaks: RePower 1.1-1 useful information on the power down view Tweaks: RadiSpot 1.0 Open Spotify to now playing Pandora song Tweaks: Phontact 1.0.1 speed dial by swiping the Phone app icon Tweaks: Mappr 1.0 quick reference map inside spotlight Tweaks: LiveWire Pro 1.0.1-1 choose between stylish unlock animations Tweaks: FlagPaint7 Lite 1.0-1 Tint banners based on icon color Tweaks: FlagPaint7 1.0 Tint banners based on icon color Tweaks: ControlUndim 1.0 Undim Control Center while changing brightness Development: HASHBANG Productions Common 1.0 Code shared by HASHBANG packages Themes (SpringBoard): ClassicLabels for iOS 7 1.0 iOS 6 style app icons labels for iOS 7 Addons: Carrox 1.0-1 Velox folder for the CARROT to-do list app Tweaks: Animer7 1.0 customize animations of banners & switcher Tweaks: HudSlider 1.1 draggable level indicator on volume HUD Tweaks: NativeQR 1.0.0b2 QR code support in Camera & Contacts Addons: Season Wallpaper 1.1.0 animated wallpaper: snow, flower & leaf Tweaks: ProceduralWallpaperLoader 0.2-1 Load iOS 7 procedural wallpapers safely Tweaks: iKeywi 2 2.0.3-3 Customize your 5-Row keyboard Tweaks: HiddenWallpapers 1.0.4-1 Enable hidden wallpapers in iOS 7