Cydia Updates - via Packages updates Messaging: QQ主题大师 4.6-1 安卓平台玩疯了的QQ主题来到iOS啦! Themes (System): Yosemite Dock 1.0 I have made a Yosemite Like dock for the Modern Mode in ClasicDock. Themes (SpringBoard): Light Free Version 1.0 This is Light, a new solution to make your iPhone awesome. Addons (LockBuilder): LBEvoTheme MeanApple 1.0 Lockscreen themes for LockBuilder Evo. Themes (SpringBoard): Lasso for iOS 7 1.0 Lasso comes with - 100 customized icons... Themes (SpringBoard): Kurun7 1.0 A new theme bringing detail to minimalism. Themes (SpringBoard): E8th CPink HD 1.0 Circle Pink touch for IconOmatic. Themes (SpringBoard): Br0s1A7 1.0 Bros1A 7 theme is my new icon theme. Themes (Apps): Blackish Red BiteSMS Theme 1.0 This is a gorgeous black and red theme. Tweaks: DailyPaper 1.0 Daily wallpapers courtesy of Bing Tweaks: NCNoSeparator 0.0.1-2 Removes separators from NotificationCenter. Fonts (BytaFont 2): Volt Font 1.0 Font for BytaFont 2 by Fonts (BytaFont 2): Universalis ADF Std Font 1.0 Font for BytaFont 2 by Fonts (BytaFont 2): Tuffy Font 1.0 Font for BytaFont 2 by Fonts (BytaFont 2): Tobacco Road Font 1.0 Font for BytaFont 2 by Fonts (BytaFont 2): Pneumatics Font 1.0 Font for BytaFont 2 by Fonts (BytaFont 2): Omnibus Font 1.0 Font for BytaFont 2 by Fonts (BytaFont 2): Livingstone Font 1.0 Font for BytaFont 2 by Fonts (BytaFont 2): Atomic Age Font 1.0 Font for BytaFont 2 by Fonts (BytaFont 2): 911porscha Font 1.0 Font for BytaFont 2 by Tweaks: QuickFolders 1.0.1-1 Launch apps from folders quickly! Tweaks: aBar 1.0-3 nav & toolbar colorized like app icon Tweaks: FrontWall 1.0-1 secondary Wallpaper overlay on home screen Tweaks: NoNotificationCenterBlur 0.0.1-1 remove blur from Notification Center Tweaks: AutoLoadTweets 0.0.1-1 auto refresh timeline in Tweaks: ConvoProtect 1.0-371 Lock & Hide convos in msging apps Themes (Lockscreen): Zedd Slider 7.0.6 - 7.1.x 1.0 Zedd Slider 7.0.6 - 7.1.x Themes (Lockscreen): Toronto Raptors Slider 1.0 Toronto Raptors Slider Addons (BootLogo): Mac Bootlogo i5 1.0 Mac Bootlogo i5 Themes (Lockscreen): Charlotte Hornets Slider 1.0 Charlotte Hornets Slider Themes (Lockscreen): Caracas FC Slider 1.0 Caracas FC Slider Themes (SpringBoard): Avanti Pearlescent 1.0 Beautiful Pearlescent mod for Avanti Theme. Addons (Zeppelin): zeppelin peace logos 1.0 zeppelin peace logos Themes (Lockscreen): UD Almería Slider 1.0 UD Almería Slider Themes (Apps): Squared Text Bubbles For Messaging 1.0 Squared Text Bubbles For Messaging Themes (Lockscreen): Rolling Stones Slider 7.1.2 1 Rolling Stones Slider 7.1.2 Themes (Apps): Piczetos Keypad 1.0 Piczetos Keypad Themes (Lockscreen): Norte Tutoriales Slider 7.1.2-2 Norte Tutoriales Slider Themes (SpringBoard): Mickey Mouse Mask 1.0 Mickey Mouse Mask Themes (System): karen flag respring 1.0 karen flag respring Themes (Apps): Floyd Mayweather Keypad 1.0 Floyd Mayweather Keypad Themes (Apps): Ejian Army Keypad 7.1.2 Ejian Army Keypad Themes (System): Destiny Respring Logo 1.0 Destiny Respring Logo Addons (BootLogo): Destiny Boot Logo 1.0.1 Destiny Boot Logo Themes (SpringBoard): Clownfish Video Wallpaper 1.0 Clownfish Video Wallpaper Themes (Lockscreen): Cleveland Slider iOS 7 1.0 Cleveland Slider iOS 7 Themes (SpringBoard): Cir 1.0 Cir Tweaks: MyStatusBarColor 0.2.7-1 colorize font & background of statusbar Tweaks: bluePill 1.0-198 suite of features for Facebook & Messenger Tweaks: NoSafariTopBlur 0.0.1-2 remove blur from Safari toolbar